About PD DOOR Pte Ltd

PD Door Pte Ltd is a company with one of the longest history in windows and door. Started out as aluminium windows and door providers, we have grown into one of the market leader for smart space saving windows and door. In order to stay above competition our company continued to invest into R&D. Today we are proud to say that we are the 5G vendor for space saving doors & windows.

As one of the pioneering company in this industy, we feel well-loved by the people of Singapore. Our brand is widely supported by home owners in Singapore, as it saves space while beautify interior settings. Above all, we have a huge selection of material and colour customisation for our doors & windows to fit any space required.

Our Standards
Maintain highest quality of materials while offering competitive prices.
Best space saving techniques for doors to be implemented on any premises.
Continous 5g speed R&D to ensure our doors kept up the current trends and standards.
Offer more choices of beautiful and current door design trends.