Pd Door Operation

To open:

Slide first panel till both panels overlap fully. Open by swinging the overlapped panels out of the track.To close: Swing overlapped panels to the track. Ensure latch is catch on, then slide one panel to the frame and lock.

Small Swing Area

As there are more emphasis on making a house wheelchair/ handicap/ elderly friendly, door entrances are designed wider than before. Wider door entrances translate to wider door panels, which has proven to take up too much of valuable space and totally impractical to use.The swing area of Pd Door is the smallest as the panels are halved compared to conventional swing doors in the market. Swinging area of Pd Door systems is 25% of conventional swinging door, saving up to 75% of space used up! This indicates that a sizable amount of additional space is freed up to enable a bigger movement area in an already congested space.There can now be more possibilities for different configuration of fixtures (e.g. furniture, sanitary wares) due to the freed up swinging area and the smaller “parking” space required.

Swinging Capacity of 90 degrees to 180 degrees

Pd Door system can swing beyond 90 degrees and up to 180 degrees flushed with the wall. This will not take up unnecessary space and cause obstruction due to protruding door panels.

No Bottom Rail

Pd door designed without the need for bottom rail which is unsightly and hazardous. It engage the top rail to slide and swing to offer barrier free accessibility, easy cleaning and minimum maintenance.Much research and development has been focused in making the Pd Door system without a bottom rail, yet ensuring the system’s durability, strength and security.

Ease of Operation

Operating the Pd Door system just requires the user to stand in one position and using only one hand. Unlike conventional sliding doors or swinging door, multiple steps has to be taken to swing or slide the door from fully open to fully closed and vice versa.These additional movements can prove inconvenient in a confined space or even dangerous to certain underprivileged users like the elderly and wheelchair bound.

Durability (PSB Endurance Test)

Every single components and moving part, down to the smallest details like the screws are carefully designed & chosen with durability always in mind. To ensure durability, Pd Door system does not compromise on quality. All aluminium profiles of Pd Door system are 1.6mm thick, which is much thicker than most aluminium products offered in the market. High quality stainless steel hinges are used in supporting the door panels. Pd Door system has been put to test (PSB Endurance Test- 150,000 cycles) and has attained Passed Certification from PSB TUV SUD, one of the world renowned testing agency.

Wide variety of materials, colors & finishes

Wide variety of materials can be used on Pd Door system, making it suitable for many different area of use, and allowing versatile designs to suit the decoration or theme of every individual house.Each material also has a wide palette of colors & finishes to select from.